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( `△´)☞ [Burninator, Destroyer of Worlds]
26 July 2025 @ 07:18 am

Comment to be added

Not really adding | At least have something in common*

*=not mandatory but is nice.

journal creds
[layout] cielo_gris @ velvetb0x
[mood theme] rei
[hetalia sprites] http://nikumike.sakura.ne.jp/

( `△´)☞ [Burninator, Destroyer of Worlds]
18 October 2020 @ 12:33 am
This is just a directory to different posts to keep from having too many "dated out of order" posts.

anon post
fandom info
blogcrews pt.1
blogcrews pt.2
blogcrews pt.3
intro/contact post
stamps/rating comm
( `△´)☞ [Burninator, Destroyer of Worlds]
07 March 2015 @ 01:31 pm
List of screencaps I have done/shared with everyone. And since these are usually posted under an open post, there is no need to friend me for any of these c:

  • No credit is needed when used.
  • Can be used for icons, banners, etc.
  • If a download link dies, please let me know so I can reupload.
  • if you would like another upload site other than the one listed, let me know.

Anime Screencaps

Anime capsCollapse )

Game Screencaps

Game capsCollapse )
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( `△´)☞ [Burninator, Destroyer of Worlds]
01 November 2011 @ 07:01 pm
Because I clearly love you all ♥

Since the holiday seasons are coming up in about a month, if anyone would like a card, please to be leaving your address below!
Comments ARE screened for your privacy.
International can be done as well c:
( `△´)☞ [Burninator, Destroyer of Worlds]
31 December 2010 @ 08:50 am
Yep ;w; I swear this year went by fast.

Random de-tsuning stuff under the cut.

I don't even know eitherCollapse )

and aside from that, whole new journal layout. I love it. Now I will never not be looking at my header. mmmmm Lu Xun.
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( `△´)☞ [Burninator, Destroyer of Worlds]
25 November 2010 @ 01:48 am
Only ones not getting removed are those I talk to off of LJ (be it the occasional time I'm on Twitter or Plurk or AIM/MSN/whatever) and new friends. so really it's not too many

If I've messed up somewhere and accidentally removed you (or you feel I should have removed you despite talking), please let me know here. Comments will be screened.
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( `△´)☞ [Burninator, Destroyer of Worlds]
04 November 2010 @ 06:36 pm

Found out about this kind of late, but I am going to attempt this. Especially since mostly all I do now are sketches.
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( `△´)☞ [Burninator, Destroyer of Worlds]
29 October 2010 @ 09:59 pm
And this came to me while reading Land of the Blindfolded. How? I don't even really know. It did.
Without much more to say:

I've seen the

is in it.

I've seen the

is in it.

I've seen the

is in it.

+ First come first serve. No drama please c:
+ Unlimited claims per user, 10 users per claim. STRIKED names means full. (Friends may be an exception to striked names.)
+ CTRL+F is your bff <3
+ Take the codes after acceptance. And if I'm late to accepting, I apologize. I'll get to claims as soon as I can as I am only human.
+ Multifandom. Anime, manga, games, music, LJ users, etc are included.
+ Anything is accepted. Single character claims and pairing claims.
+ To make it easier on my inbox and myself, put your future goals or something future related in the subject line.
+ Codes can be altered if it clashes with your layout <3
+ Deleted accounts = relinquish of claims. If you do this and make another account, please comment letting me know your old journal so I can edit/readd. ♥
+ In the case of series where characters have two names, please include both. (Ex: Alfred F. Jones/America, etc.)
+ For those new to blogcrews, a helpful guide c: [credit to nice_banana for making it, though my own aren't the same for most of the guide :X]

Blogcrew is open until it dies/all claims are full.

Claims listCollapse )

If you don't see your name listed for a character even after I say it's added, it's probably due to LJ acting up. If you wish to make sure you are in fact listed, feel free to ask for a screenshot of the edit page.
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( `△´)☞ [Burninator, Destroyer of Worlds]
27 October 2010 @ 06:54 am
nekovampluna -> magoichi

And obviously if you're seeing this, I kept you all on it c:

I really kind of needed to change my name to be honest. Having the same one for 6 years has it's memories, but this was just needed.

Now watch as I forgot I namedchanged and start typing everything with the old name xD;;

Since LJ decided to be a jerkwad, apparently it removed everyone when I renamed so, please readd me. ;;
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